RECORD’s Pilot Program Launch for Personal Injury Attorneys

Exciting news for personal injury attorneys! RECORD is launching its pilot program for a select group of personal injury law firms starting March 1.

This program is designed to provide innovative solutions to help clients track and manage their side of the case, and stay connected with their attorney, with the goal of demonstrating how higher quality information leads to higher case values and higher satisfaction from clients.

How the Pilot Program Works

During the pilot program, RECORD will deliver a white-glove setup and support experience to the participating law firms and their clients. Clients will be provided with an instructional video and phone support, while the firm will receive weekly reports on app utilization, support requests, and client feedback.

The security and confidentiality of client information are of the utmost importance to RECORD, and the company is currently 100% HIPAA compliant.

Law Firm Participation

To participate in the pilot program, each law firm is asked to appoint a project lead, schedule a training session for their team, onboard at least 10 clients to the app, hold scheduled feedback calls, and conduct a one-hour feedback and brainstorming session. Participants are also expected to send a request for feedback from their clients.

Structure of the Program

The pilot program is free for participants and is expected to last for 90 days. After the pilot period, the subscription pricing will be $10 per active client per month, with no charge for inactive clients.

The decision to continue post-pilot will be based on factors such as time saved, completeness of the record, and general client satisfaction, all of which will be measured during the pilot. The company’s standard terms and conditions and a standard non-disclosure agreement will apply.

How will RECORD help with your case?

We are excited to see the results of the RECORD pilot program and how it will help personal injury attorneys better serve their clients and deliver even greater returns.

If you’re a personal injury attorney looking to improve your workflow and gain a competitive edge, don’t miss this opportunity to join us on this journey and be part of shaping the future of personal injury technology!

For more information, please contact Kenny Eliason, CEO of RECORD, at or submit your information here:

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Kenny Eliason
As the CEO and cofounder of RECORD, Kenny is an experienced entrepreneur, public speaker, and legal expert. He regularly contributes his industry knowledge and insights on personal injury issues and their impact on the client experience to the RECORD blog. As a frequent presenter at conferences and events, Kenny provides valuable insights and actionable advice for the personal injury industry.

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