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Equip your clients with tools to provide the treatment information you need – without any extra work.

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Attorney-Client Privilege.

The RECORD app takes attorney-client privilege very seriously. We protect attorney-client privilege by ensuring that confidential information is kept secure at all times.

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Fast & seamless onboarding.

Your clients will download the RECORD App and set up their profile in minutes. RECORD does four things really well:

  • Better communication with the law firm
  • Better treatment of injuries
  • Quicker handling of property damage
  • Get fair compensation from the at-fault party

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Daily Feed – Designed with clients in mind.

Your clients’ daily feed lets them see everything on one screen, like tasks they need to complete, upcoming appointments, their pain score and more.

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One shared hub for treatment information.

Appointments: Clients can track all of their appointments here so they remember to go to every single one.

Pain Score: Daily logging of their pain score helps educate the client on how to report their pain to their provider.

Provider List: The app automatically creates a list of all providers involved in the case.

Medications: Clients can track their medications by uploading pictures to the app.

All treatment details are sent directly into your case management system.

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Pain Score - get accurate daily pain reports from your clients.

Clients are prompted to submit a daily pain score. That way when a client visits their doctor, they will have an accurate record of their pain levels to report.

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Harnessing the Power of AI for improved outcomes.

Our AI system analyzes client data to provide personalized feedback and recommendations, and creates automated case updates for attorneys. This enhances efficiency, transparency, and client engagement, transforming the way personal injury cases are handled.

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Integrates seamlessly into your Case Management Platform

No more messy paper files, excel spreadsheets, texts, and emails. The data your client enters into the RECORD App is automatically transferred into your favorite case management systems.



We use the highest level of security and encryption to keep your data safe. Our top priority is to maintain a secure environment.
100% encrypted and 100% HIPAA compliant.

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