Attorney-Client Privilege
with RECORD.

Why it matters for the RECORD app.

RECORD is designed as a secure and privileged method of communication between attorney and client, ensuring all information shared within the app is protected by attorney-client privilege.

As attorneys, it is crucial to understand the concept of attorney-client privilege and how it applies to the communication with clients. This principle is recognized in most legal systems around the world (Source: Ibid).

At RECORD, we take attorney-client privilege very seriously and have designed our app with this principle in mind. Here are a few ways that we ensure that attorney-client privilege is maintained:

Screenshot of the RECORD App

Access controls.

Our app includes access controls that ensure that only authorized users (i.e. attorneys and their clients) are able to see the information entered by a particular client. This information is not shared with any outside parties, helping to protect the confidentiality of the attorney-client relationship.

Restricted access.

We do not allow any outside parties to access the information within the RECORD app. This includes insurance companies, medical providers, and other third parties that may be involved in the case. Only the attorney and their client have access to this information, ensuring that it is kept confidential.


All information within the RECORD app is encrypted, which means that it is converted into a coded form that can only be accessed by authorized users. This helps to prevent unauthorized individuals from being able to access the information and protects it from being intercepted or compromised in any way.

The RECORD app is designed to protect attorney-client privilege and ensure that confidential information is kept secure at all times. We understand the importance of this principle and have implemented measures to ensure that it is maintained within our app.

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