Treatment Tracking
with RECORD.

Effortless support for managing your treatment journey.

The RECORD app includes a range of features that help clients track and manage their treatment journey. From appointment calendars to pain tracking tools, the app provides everything you need to stay organized and on top of your care. Here's what you can expect:

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Appointment Tracking

Keep clients aware of their appointments and keep attorneys updated. Includes multiple push notifications, follow-ups, reschedule notes, and notifications for when clients are released from treatment. This ensures no appointment is missed and everyone stays informed.

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Pain Score Tracking

Clients can track their pain day-to-day, providing accurate reports to doctors and attorneys. This allows for better monitoring of their condition and ensures they receive appropriate care based on detailed pain tracking.

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Provider List

A comprehensive list of every provider clients have seen, automatically updated as new appointments are added. This helps maintain a complete and up-to-date record of all medical interactions related to the case.

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Injury Photos

Clients can share full resolution photos of their injuries, useful for documenting and tracking injury progress. High-quality images ensure that all details are captured, which can be critical for case evidence.

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Prior Injury Tracking

Clients can add past injuries they've had, providing a complete history for their case. This helps in understanding the full impact of current injuries in the context of their overall health history.

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Medical Condition Tracking

Clients can note medical conditions that impact their health, like cancer or diabetes. Keeping track of these conditions ensures that all relevant health factors are considered in their treatment and case management.

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Upload Documents

Clients can upload any medical-related documents directly to the app, ensuring all information is centralized and easily accessible. This feature simplifies document management and makes it easy to share important files with the law firm.

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