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Elevate Your Practice with Our
MyCase Integration

Seamlessly integrate RECORD with MyCase to streamline client engagement and case management!

Automated Treatment Tracking

Ensure clients stay on track with their treatment plans through automated reminders and notifications. Keep legal teams updated on client recovery progress with regular pain score updates and detailed case journaling.

Enhanced Scheduling

Manage appointments and reduce no-shows with our intuitive scheduling features. Link providers to patients and monitor treatment progress all in one place.

Effective Communication

Foster strong relationships with clients and legal teams. Our secure communication tools allow for efficient collaboration and information sharing, expediting case resolution.

Streamlined Case Management

Simplify case management with seamless integration of treatment tracking and legal documentation. Keep all your case information centralized and easily accessible.

Transform Your Legal Practice with our
MyCase Integration

  • Automate treatment reminders and reduce administrative burdens.
  • Schedule appointments and automate reminders to reduce no-shows.
  • Facilitate seamless communication between legal teams and clients.
  • Securely manage and sign documents online.
  • Empower clients with self-service tools to manage their treatment and case progress.

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