Elevate Case Results:
Maximize Client Impact

Streamline personal injury cases from start to finish.

Turbocharge client communication and treatment tracking with RECORD. Boost satisfaction and settlements in one powerful platform.

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Integrates seamlessly into your Case Management Platform

No more messy paper files, excel spreadsheets, texts, and emails. The data your client enters into the RECORD App is automatically transferred into your favorite case management systems.

RECORD helped our firm identify gaps in treatment that were causing us to leave money on the table. Now we know our clients are getting the treatment they need, and we get the data we need to build their case.
Dean Tingey | Tingey Injury Law Firm

Dean Tingey Tingey Injury Law Firm

Drive higher case values through client engagement

Stop letting high value cases slip through the cracks.

Save time. Save money.

The RECORD App guides your clients through onboarding, what to expect on their case, and how to accurately report their treatment — everything they need to build a strong case.

By having your client participate in the collection of information on their case, you reduce the time your staff has to do it for them.

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Build stronger cases. Increase case values.

Give your clients a one-stop-shop for tracking their case and treatment. The better reporting you have from your client, the better work you can do while negotiating on their behalf.

They get peace of mind, you get a reliable data source for treatment, property damage, wage loss, and more.

A complete case is a strong case. Strong cases get full value.

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Happy clients = More clients.

The RECORD App makes your client an active participant in the case, so you and your team can invest your time in more important issues.

By empowering clients, you'll have happier clients. And happy clients refer their friends.

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We help you manage clients like you never thought possible, improving the quality and outcome of every case.

  • Clients get hooked on participating in their case
  • You increase case values without hands-on education
  • Clients get the treatment and compensation they deserve
  • You never let a high value case slip through the cracks
  • You never wonder if you're leaving money on the table
  • Automated feedback and updates powered by AI

Experience RECORD

Discover how RECORD can enhance your legal practice with our flexible pricing plans designed for personal injury firms of all sizes.



We use the highest level of security and encryption to keep your data safe. Our top priority is to maintain a secure environment.
100% encrypted and 100% HIPAA compliant.

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Inspired by over 50 years of personal injury experience, the team at RECORD has experienced first hand the complications of working with clients.

We have used the principles found in the RECORD App to satisfy clients in new and innovative ways for decades.

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