Treatment Tracking
with RECORD.

Effortless support for managing your treatment journey.

The RECORD app includes a range of features that help clients track and manage their treatment journey. From appointment calendars to pain tracking tools, the app provides everything you need to stay organized and on top of your care. Here's what you can expect:

Screenshot of the RECORD App

Appointment calendar.

The appointment calendar feature allows you to track all of your medical appointments in one place. You can add new appointments, view upcoming appointments, and even set reminders to help you stay on top of your care. This can be especially helpful for clients who are seeing multiple doctors or specialists, as it can be easy to lose track of when and where you need to be.

Pain tracking.

In addition to providing daily tasks and reminders, the app also allows clients to track their progress over time. The ability to log their pain score is for educational and informational purposes only. Clients can report back to you, their attorney, on how their injuries are progressing and whether or not treatments are working. This allows you to keep a pulse on the treatment and ensure your clients are getting better.

Injury photos.

It is important to have updated photos of your client's injuries, particularly if they are experiencing bruising or scarring. These photos can provide valuable documentation of their injuries, and can be used to support their claim for compensation or damages. The RECORD app makes it easy for them to track their injury photos by allowing them to upload regular updates. This can be helpful for tracking their progress over time, and for ensuring that you have a complete record of their injuries.

Ambulance and emergency room tracking.

If your client required ambulance or emergency room care, the RECORD app can helps them track this information. You can enter details such as the names of any hospitals or clinics you visited, as well as the ambulance that transported you. This information can be helpful for ensuring that all necessary records are in order.

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