Multilingual Support
with RECORD.

Bridging the language gap for better client experience.

As an attorney, you want to provide the best possible experience for your clients. This means not only providing excellent legal representation, but also making sure that the tools and services you use are accessible and easy to use for all of your clients, regardless of their native language. RECORD is proud to offer multilanguage support, making it easier than ever for your clients to use our app.

English Language
Spanish Language
Tagalog Language
Chinese Language
Korean Language
Thai Language
Portuguese Language
And More Languages

Improved User Experience.

The addition of multi-language support in the RECORD app means that your clients will be able to use the app in their native language, providing them with a more comfortable and user-friendly experience. This will help to improve client satisfaction and make it more likely that they will recommend your services to others.

By providing the option to use the app in their own language, clients will feel more comfortable navigating the app and submitting their information. This not only makes the process of submitting their injury claim much smoother, but it also reduces the risk of errors and misunderstandings that can arise when using a language that is not their primary one.

Expanded Reach.

By offering multi-language support, the RECORD app is now accessible to a much wider range of clients. This means that you can provide your services to clients who may not speak English as their first language, giving you a competitive edge in your market.

With the ability to support multiple languages, you can expand your reach and attract a larger pool of potential clients. This not only helps to grow your business, but it also helps to ensure that all clients, regardless of their language, can receive the legal services they need and deserve.

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