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helping people get better.

We build tools that help you, help your clients.

There's nothing better than a client getting the treatment they need and the compensation they deserve. We help every client become a great client.

A letter from our CEO.

RECORD CEO - Kenny EliasonKenny Eliason

We've been there. Managing clients is the hardest part of running a personal injury firm.

And the reality is, being a client is not the most easy thing in the world either.

For most clients it's their first time being in a car accident, let alone their first time working with an attorney. Clients are busy with full calendars already and fitting in the inconvenience of going to doctor appointments and everything else involved in a case can be a terribly difficult and complex thing to do.

That's why we built RECORD. The only client managment app that helps the client understand what they're supposed to do and why they should do it.

Working together with awesome personal injury attorneys, RECORD helps every client become the best client.


We help you manage clients like you never thought possible, improving the quality and outcome of every case.

  • Clients get hooked on participating in their case
  • You increase case values without hands-on education
  • Clients get the treatment and compensation they deserve
  • You never let a high value case slip through the cracks
  • You never wonder if you're leaving money on the table
  • Automated feedback and updates powered by AI

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