The Importance of Clear Communication in Personal Injury Claims

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As personal injury attorneys, we understand the importance of effectively communicating with our clients throughout the legal process. However, recent research has shown that this can be a significant challenge, particularly during the early stages of a claim.

The Client’s Perspective

A study conducted by the American Bar Association found that clients often feel overwhelmed and underinformed during the early stages of a personal injury claim. The study surveyed over 500 personal injury clients and found that:

  • 60% felt that their attorney did not explain the legal process clearly enough
  • 55% reported difficulty understanding the documents and paperwork involved in their claim
  • 50% said they had difficulty getting in touch with their attorney when they had questions or concerns

These findings highlight the importance of clear and consistent communication between attorneys and clients during the early stages of a personal injury claim.

The Attorney’s Perspective

While clear communication is crucial for clients, it can also be a significant challenge for attorneys. A survey of personal injury attorneys found that:

  • 70% reported difficulty finding the time to effectively communicate with clients
  • 60% said that clients often have unrealistic expectations about the legal process
  • 55% reported difficulty explaining legal jargon in a way that clients can understand

These challenges can make it difficult for attorneys to provide the clear and consistent communication that clients need.

The Solution

Many law firms are turning to technology to address these challenges and improve communication between attorneys and clients during the early stages of a personal injury claim. A recent study found that law firms that use case management software reported:

  • Improved communication with clients
  • Increased efficiency in handling client’s cases
  • Better client satisfaction

Technology can play a significant role in improving communication between attorneys and their clients. An ABA survey found that using technology, such as a client portal, can improve communication and increase client satisfaction.

Client portals, such as the one offered by RECORD, can provide clients with access to their case information and documents and the ability to communicate with their attorney. This allows clients to stay informed and involved in their case, while also saving attorneys time and energy by reducing the need for face-to-face meetings.

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